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Taskin is a one of a kind unique stallion in the Gypsy Vanner breed.
He  is a rare champagne buckskin with a sparkling personality and everyone falls in love with him after just one look.

With truly perfect conformation, Taskin exhibits all the qualities most highly prized in a Gypsy Vanner. He has beautiful feathering, mane and tail, and loves to be groomed. His head is sweet and refined with a forelock that reaches his muzzle.

Taskin is a buckskin sabino (blagdon), characterized by the blaze wrapping down onto his chin and the white over one knee and up his hind legs. The white in his mane and tail is called "frosting," and is found on many bay-based dilute horses (buckskin and perlino).

While he can easily be confused at first glance with a champagne or dun horse, he possesses none of the other tell-tale phenotypic characteristics of these genes. Taskin has proven to pass down his dilute gene, throwing the first perlino Gypsy Vanner, a filly named "Tinkerbell", for Gypsy MVP.

We are excited to watch him continue to excel, and to witness all of the talent he has to offer. With his looks, personality, and athleticism, Taskin will make a wonderful sire for the Gypsy Vanner breed.

Taskin is a Gold Cup Stallion, nominated in the Futurity to sire Futurity Eligible foals.
DNA: Ee Aa and tt

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