2014-2016 Accomplishments

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2015/2016 Show Season is complete!
We are proud of Pink Panther for all of these accomplishments....

2016 Nationals Champion Pleasure Driving
2016 Nationals Champion Reinsmanship

Reserve All Around Champion Jacksonville FHC
High Point Driving Horse Jacksonville FHC
Reserve Champion Open Showmanship JAX
Ground Obstacles In Hand Champion JAX
Reserve Champion Open WP JAX FHC
Res Champion Ladies Driving JAX FHC
Res Champion Gentlemen's Driving JAX FHC
Res Champion Reinsmanship JAX FHC

Germantown Charity Working Horse Champion
Germantown Charity Carriage Dog Champion
Germantown Charity Liberty Champion
Germantown Charity Pro Am Champion
Germantown Charity Res Grand Champ Driving
Germantown Charity Res Obstacles In Hand

Grand Champion Driving Horse Fall FHC
Champion Driving Trail Obstacles Fall FHC
Res Champion Gentlemen's Driving Fall FHC
Res Champion Reinsmanship Fall FHC

Champion Nashoba Carriage Turnout
Champion Nashoba Carriage Dog
Res Champion Nashoba Carriage Working Horse
Res Champion Nashoba Carriage Dbl Jeopardy

2014 Highpoint driving horse with Adam Murfield

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